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Neeta Patel is a traditional practitioner of Vedic   Sciences. She practices Reiki and Vastu, is a Aura Reader-Scanner and she also reads Cartouche Cards for the past 10 years.

 With her expertise in the above areas, she has a number of   prestigious and high profile clients on her account from   India and abroad. There are many clients who have   consulted her and have benefited by her readings. A few Indian corporate houses were successful in multiplying their business with the help of her Vastu Many others have experienced the benefits of her Reiki and Card Reading.

Neeta Patel is a Bangalore based practitioner. She is available for consultation based on prior appointment.


Vastu is an ancient science which is based on the five elements, known as Panch maha- bhoota in our ancient texts. Our Rishi’s and sages were aware of the energy pattern, present on the earth and its effect on the inhabitants. Vastu Vidya is one of the most valuable treasures of ancient Indian knowledge. The word Vastu means to 'Dwell' and Vidya means ' Science', so Vastu Vidya is the sacred science related to designing and building houses.

In Vastu, it is understood that energy lines run like a large grid across the earth, from North to South and from East to West. Orientating living and working spaces using a compass in accord with these space directions has a direct influence on the residents. The electromagnetic field affects the human body at a vibratory level, as each single cell in the body acts like a receiver. Human consciousness also responds to nature and its energies.

Cartouche Cards

These cards are more then 3000 years old Egyptian energies.  People in Egypt were aware of these energies as were our sages who could make Yantras which could help us to align our inner world with the external world. Our external world is the world of material plane and a conscious state but our inner world is our true personality and the world of higher-self or intuitive self.

Every one at sometime in life wants to know the future or as to the cause of their unhappiness or problems. These cards have an uncanny way of guiding you to thesolutions or answering your questions. It is as though they have peeped into your souls.

The cards have vibration at various levels of  consciousness. The reading is done on all these levels.

1.  The Spiritual or Super-conscious level.

2.  The Psychological, Mental or Subconscious level .

3.  The Material, Mundane or Conscious level.

The cards tackle every problem by giving a solution. For every evil they supply a remedy.


Reiki Healing

Reiki channel can give you a Reiki healing. Reiki Healing could be of two types: Hands-on, and distant.

Reiki brings forth the Gods energy of the universe and the pranic force of the body to create a powerful, soothing healing energy, which flows though the meridians or energy channels as electric currents through the hands. In Reiki the practitioner pass the healing energy to the client, accessing the vibratory energy field around us known as Aura. This electromagnetic field holds all the blocks, negative thoughts and feelings attached to the body, soul and mind. Reiki accelerates loosening of these blocks and releases it out of the body.

Reiki supports the natural law of the nature that body has its own ability to heal itself. As we breath with calmness and in relaxed manner Reiki loosens up the body blocks and rigidity to allow the flow of the natural energy in the body, soul and mind. If we are too cold it warms us and if we are too hot it cools us.

Reiki is the unlimited love, which we call God. Reiki balances the Chakras. It tends to correct the imbalances in the spinning of the chakras. Chakras are vortex of energy through which our vital forces are distributed to other parts of the body. It is the connection between the physical and the non physical body known as Aura. More then one vital nerve meetings at a point forms a Chakra.

Reiki is one of the most simple, easy and loving healing energy of this universe. The practitioner is only a channel. Reiki cannot harm as it has its own intelligence and releases suppressed negative emotions, anger, depression, disease etc. To remove the illness from the body, seed has to be released which is released by the Reiki healing.

Reiki works on the intention of the channel and the patient. With the use of Reiki all our fear, anger, emotional blocks and imbalances are replaced by joy, peace , harmony, health, happiness, calmness, wealth and many more positive energy.

Benefits Of Aura Scan

Know your Aura (one’s electromagnetic field)

Our body is surrounded by a vibrating field known Aura or Urja in Sanskrit. If a person is unhealthy the colour will change in the aura. The environment, negative thoughts, or if you are wearing some negative jewel/gems then his/her  aura gets effected. If a person is sleeping in a geopathic stress zone or there is a negative energy in the room, or if the head is in the wrong direction while sleeping then the aura gets imbalanced. It is necessary to diagnose and detect the root cause of the disease. The scanner can detect a disease before it actually strikes a body. After a complete analysis, one can know what precautions he/she should take.

Diagnose and detect root cause of the disease.

The scanner can detect a disease before it actually strikes a body. After a complete analysis, one can know what precautions he/she should take.


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