About Neeta Patel.

Reiki Master-Teacher, Cartouche Card Reader, Aura Scanner-Healer, Vastu Practitioner, Magnified Master - Teacher, for the last 10 years.

“The Body is cleansed by water, intellect by wisdom, Mind by truth, and the self, by non-violence.”


Reiki includes channeling the energy, aura healing, chakra healing, color healing, spiritual and psychic development, and psychic surgery. The aspects and benefits of Reiki are manifold.

My Job as a Healer is to cure patients. I practice Long Distance Reiki (to heal people who are far away) as well as Hands On for patients present in my Healing Room. I am in the healing field for 10 years. My expertise is in the field of remote healing and psychic clearance. With God's Grace, I have seen many patients getting rid of various ailments like cancer in the last stages, coming out of coma, and overcoming challenging degenerative diseases. My cases range from curing the common cold, sciatica, various muscular disorders, and overcoming the side-effects of strong medicines, specially in cases of chemotherapy where the side effects are very severe. I have healed patients plagued by the modern disease of stress, which affects work and relationships. Even legal problems have been healed by me through Reiki, as have many people with financial, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual problems. People consult me for their marital problems and difficulties with children. I believe in safeguarding the privacy of my  clients by keeping their problems confidential. With the rising cost of traditional healthcare, people are moving towards Reiki (Holistic Healing) for cures. In many cases where physicians have been unable to treat or cure diseases and other conditions, Reiki Healing has come through with remarkable success.

 My patients and students are scattered all over the world. I have healed and attuned people living in India as well as the USA, and UK.

 “The present is a precious present from the Supreme Consciousness and if we allow it to run to waste due to our preoccupation with past regrets and future fears we have only ourselves to blame .”


Aura scanning can diagnose and pinpoint the source of a person's financial, emotional and health problems. It is like an X-ray. A clear picture of the root cause of the problems emerges. Aura Healing not only helps a person enjoy good physical health, but also rids mental traumas and heals emotional problems and blocks. For a successful life and all round growth of a person, Aura Healing and Aura scanning is extremely beneficial.

“ Pray to draw your strength from the perennial source of love and compassion - God.”

Cartouche Card Reading

Cartouche Readings are done on physical, mental, emotional  and spiritual planes. There is a 99.9 % accuracy rate. Card Readings are effective in solving all kinds of problems and  in pinpointing diseases in a body, when the causes of aches and pains have not been diagnosed. Card Reading gives effective solutions to various problems and assists in  health recovery.

“More important than what is behind you, and what is ahead of you, is what is in YOU.”

Vastu Practitioner

Vastu comes to the rescue when the readings and predictions do not yield the desired results. With Vastu one can find out that the energy of the house is affecting the health, wealth and progress of its residents. The energy imbalance is rectified without demolition.

From personal experience, I have witnessed that energy imbalances of houses cause 70% of all our problems. With Vastu, I rectify the imbalances in your house and you enjoy and experience the difference in your life.

“Make it your business to know yourself.It is the most difficult lesson in the world.”

My Aim is to know the self and create a world where people are blessed with Health, Happiness and Peace. My Mission is to Teach and Heal through the Heart. There is a saying “that which is done through the Mind (Brain) is lasting, but that which is done through the Heart is Everlasting.” Quality is better then quantity is what I firmly believe.

Life is a precious boon. Revere, Respect and Love yourself. When one does that, the Universe will do that in return. Like attracts like.

“There are two kinds of lives. One is the life of values and the other is the life of valuables.”

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